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What is my destiny? A question many ask themselves. Lourdes discovered her answer at the age of seventeen. She was an honors student, all through high school, and she was expected to go on into a professional field. Lourdes had only one dream: to become a singer. Her debut at her high school variety show, was crucial. She set a goal. If her peers did not approve of her vocal ability, then she would never pursue the career. Her peers named her a "CoverGirl" after the known pop female group, "the CoverGirls". At that moment, Lourdes knew history had just begun.

While still in her senior year, Lourdes and her Concert Chorus Group had the opportunity to sing backups for the popular pop dance group, WILL TO POWER. The song is from their JOURNEY HOME album: "Fly Bird" reprise.

Lourdes graduated high school and went on to study audio engineering at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. While interning at several recording studios, Lourdes continued to pursue her singing career. Lourdes started co-writing with her peers in the audio field, while learning the art of blending musical sounds. She sang in local talent shows to gain more experience.

She graduated the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She had the opportunity to intern at AUDIO Z Recording Studios in El Salvador, Central America, where she served as an assistant engineer and trained two new engineers for the studio. While working for Audio Z, her services as a vocalist were needed. She sang jingles for FINESSE Shampoo and SUCCO Juices.

Upon arrival to the United States, Lourdes was ready to continue her audio career. Her plans changed when she went to MR. LAFF's Nightclub. Lourdes approached the leader of the house band and gave him a promo package. She was called back to audition. She was offered a job as a lead singer and the rest is history. Lourdes decided her destiny was to sing, especially, since so many opportunities as a vocalist were falling on her lap.

Lourdes performed in "Xscape the Madness 1994". She was one of the opening acts for the headliner XSCAPE ( R&B female group ). The show was held for community awareness of violence amongst our youth.

While juggling a full-time job and a part-time job in retail, Lourdes managed to fit singing gigs at night. For three and a half years, she struggled keeping up with the demands of each job but never gave up. She knew there were sacrifices to make. She had to make a living. Three jobs helped in accomplishing that, but in order to pursue her singing career, she had to give up quality time with friends. A social life was not an easy task. Lourdes knew that her dream was hers alone and to sit for a second would mean major setbacks for her career. Determination and persistence are the key elements to making dreams come true.

Lourdes went on to work with different Top 40 dance bands, as well as corporate bands. These types of bands have helped Lourdes become a well-rounded singer and they continue to do so. Singing, in different styles, has helped shape her own sound; her original music has gained from that. Being bilingual is a definite plus in this business because it turns a vocalist into an asset. More work had come her way, due to being Hispanic; therefore, her reputation as a professional singer increased.

In 1997, Lourdes had finally accomplished a two-year goal: to work at the most popular dance club in Fort Lauderdale, Bermuda Triangle. This was a popular gig that many singers wanted. Even though Lourdes was new to the circuit and young, the owner saw potential and gave her a chance. Many challenged his decision, but despite their efforts, Lourdes remained in the band for a year and a half: singing 6 nights a week. This was definitely the most challenging of her gigs. Despite the negativity at the gig, Lourdes searched for outside help from her vocal teacher, Sheila Barish. She was the mentor that Lourdes needed. They worked diligently on bettering Lourdes' performance and projection on stage. As a surprise to many, Lourdes was improving every week. What took many local singers 4 to 5 years to improve, Lourdes sliced it in just weeks. Bermuda Triangle was definitely the school Lourdes needed in order to speed up her chances of getting heard by someone in the music industry.

Lourdes found her forte in her persona. Music is her life and her performances show it. When Lourdes is center stage, she captivates her audience with a smile and acknowledgement of their presence. She invites, he who would like to listen, into her world. Her world is every song painted by her voice. Some will see the pictures; some won't; but they will see the passionate expression in her performances.

"Everything one does has major impact in what the future will bring. If you plant a seed, then something will grow. If you are always worried about others' success, then you will never succeed," commented by Lourdes. She has set two goals for herself: 1. Major record deal. 2. The Grammy Award. " I have a dream, and a dream gives meaning to life, but without goals, it will never come true," she said. It's a matter of time before her dream comes true.

Lourdes would like to thank all those wonderful people who dream of her CENTER STAGE. " I believe in me. Thank you for believing. I know that my record deal is waiting for me somewhere out there and I will find it,"

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